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Long Code

Long code is a Global virtual numbers used by business to receive SMS and calls. It is basically used for lead generation. There are basically two types of long code; dedicated long and shared long code. Dedicated long code as the name suggest is dedicated for a number, all the messages will be received on that dedicated number. While shared long code is shared by many people with the help of a keyword.

In shared long code keyword is allotted to share the number.There are various utilities of long code for business and they are:

  • It can be used in competitions for voting purpose.
  • For promotions, feedbacks, and campaigns from the consumers.
  • Receiving SMS from consumers for interaction purpose.
  • 2 way communication with suppliers and sales force.
  • Feedback sms for mass mailings or marketing activities.
  • Real Time Web Based Reporting (View Sample Report)
  • Email Forwarding (with senders mobile number and message in real time)

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